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Pearl The Stylist brand was created by Pearl Ransome, an entrepreneur, master braider, content creator, educator, and life coach. Pearl discovered her passion at a very young age by observing her mother and other family members, who were licensed cosmetologists, inspiring her journey as a stylist. She has taught over 500 students, and has written 3 e-books ( Braid Professional Blueprint, How to Master Instagram's Algorithm for Braiders, Your Guide to a 10k Month) helping braiders and other entrepreneurs expand their businesses. 


Meet Our Founder & CEO

Pearl is also known for creating innovative hair styles and hair trends. In 2020, she created the famous Knotless Bob which set the bar. Her creativity inspired many braiders, causing shockwaves on social media and around the world. She has collaborated with top hair brands to showcase her expertise at the most prestigious hair shows and trade events.

In recent years, Pearl has created a community of both experienced and beginner  braiders and hairstylists, who consider her as a trailblazer of the modern day braider. Her skills, precision, confidence, contagious energy, and unique style exudes in every post or presentation, inspiring all who sees. Pearl has been recognized by brands such as Red by Kiss resulting in the launch of her Braid Collection, a 4 product system that helps create flawless braided styles in (2023). Today the collection has reached thousands in sales, both online and beauty supply stores becoming a braid styling staple to masses. 




Pearl The Stylist is just getting started. She looks forward to meeting new faces, witnessing impactful spaces, educating and continuing to shake up the world with her talents.

In early 2024, Pearl introduced her self-titled luxury scarf brand PEARL with the “Floral” and “Signature” collections. These collections were not only dedicated to her journey but to empower women to embrace their authenticity of all walks of life and backgrounds. In a world driven by
“the ideal” beauty standards, occupations and lifestyles bombarding us daily; it is easy to forget how rare we are and must discover what is fulfilling to us. Each scarf is made with luxury satin to protect your hair or elevate the simplest fashion ensemble. The scarves are reminders to be who you are, evolve to be who you want to become, protect your spirit and do it unapologetically everyday, no matter what life throws your way.

"Evolve to be who you want to become, protect your spirit and do it unapologetically everyday, no matter what life throws your way."- Pearl

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