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Thin Edges/ Alopecia (After Booking A Consultation) | $30
Thick Hair | $30
Split Ends Recovery (Trim) | $25
Deep Cleansing Wash | $40
Blow-dry w/o Wash | $35
Waist Length | $80
Color Mix (Knotless) | $35
Color Mix (Bob) | $80
Curly Ends | $65
Beads | $50



Boho Large Knotless Waist Length (Box or Triangle Parts)| $460
Boho Large knotless Mid Back (Box or Triangle Parts) | $400
Boho Medium knotless Mid Back | $500
Boho Small Butt Length| $950
Blow-dry w/o Wash | $35
Boho Small Waist Length | $750
Boho Small Mid Back | $650



Small Mid Back| $500
Medium Mid Back | $400
Large Mid Back| $350
Jumbo Knotless Mid Back| $250



Large Waist Length| $375
Jumbo knotless Waist Length | $300


Asymmetrical Bob (12-14 inches)| $950
Asymmetrical Bob (10-12 inches) | $850
Asymmetrical Bob (8-10 inches)| $700



2 Straight Back Stitch Braids | $120
4 Straight Back Stitch Braids | $200
8 Stitch braids (middle part) "Popsmokebraids" | $310


Small Stitch Bun (Full 360) | $320
Rose Stitch Bun | $400



The Knotless Bob Touch up (12-14inches) | $170
The Knotless Bob Touch up (8-10inch) (10-12inch) | $155
Perimeter Touch Up (Waist Length) Knotless Box Braids (Small or Medium) | $165
Perimeter Touch up (mid-back) knotless box braids (small or medium) | $130
Crown & Top touch up (waist length) knotless box braids (small or medium) | $180
Crown & Top touch up (Mid-Back) knotless box braids (small or medium | $160


  • Is A Deposit required?
    Yes , a non refundable 35% deposit is required to secure your appointment.
  • What if I need to reschedule?
    To reschedule appointments booked online, please check your confirmation email. Find the rescheduling link at the bottom of the page and change your appointment date or time. If there isn’t any availability please send an email to your service provider for further assistance.
  • Do I have to use a certain type of hair?
    Yes , “Outre X-pressions braiding hair is required. (pre-streached, 3 bundles in 1 pack) for “KNOTLESS BRAIDS” or X-pressions Braiding hair 82inch for feed-in braids. The required amount of hair for each style is listed in the service description. Knotless Braids Mid Back------ 42 inches (3 packs) Waist length----52/54 inches (3 packs)
  • How do I edit or remove the "FAQ title"?"
    The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.
  • What happens if I cancel my appointment?
    If you cancel your appointment your deposit is
  • Do you work with all types of hair?
    Yes , if you have any concerns pertaining to alopecia , thin hair or thick hair be sure to book a consultation before booking an appointment. Please note there may be additional fees added to your service, our goal is to make your hair look as natural as possible.
  • Do you work with colored hair ?
    Yes, we work with colored hair. Please be sure to add 1 or more colored hair to your service for additional colors mix. Also If your natural hair is pink, and you booked Knotless braids with red braiding hair. There maybe a tucking fee added to your services.
  • What is the required hair length before booking an appointment?
    Your hair must be at least 4 inches or longer.
  • Can I bring my kids or others to my appointment?
    You must come alone to your appointment, and there is a no children policy.
  • What happens if i’m late to my appointment?
    If you are running late please contact your braider in advance via email. Late fees maybe charged to your service depending on your arrival time. 10 min- $10 20 min - $25 30 min- appointment is cancelled (Keep in mind these fees may vary depending on the service provider)
  • Is washing my hair required ?
    Yes , All clients must arrive with their hair thoroughly washed & blow dried (no damp hair). Your hair must be clean and dandruff free. There maybe an additional fee for extra dandruff or flacky hair.
  • How long will my services take ?
    Please review the desired service for the service duration time. The service duration times maybe extended depending on the client or the hairstyle. To get the best experience at Pearl The Stylist Studio, we ask that you plan your day accordingly .
  • What happens if I don’t show up for my appointment and If I didn’t reschedule?
    Unfortunately your card on file will be charged the full service price, and you will be unable to make any future appointments online.
  • How should I come to my appointment?
    Clients should arrive well rested. AirPods or headphones are required for calls and entertainment. Be well dressed (bright colors) bring positive vibes and be picture ready!
  • Additional charges may apply for the following
    -Hair isn’t properly blown out $25 -Thick hair $20 -Alopecia $30 and up (according to consultation) (Keep in mind these fees may vary depending on the service provider)
  • Where can i find the braiding hair?
    Venus Beauty Supply Store 5810 Buford Hwy NE, Doraville, GA 30340
  • Where can I find the address to my appointment?
    The address will be located in your confirmation email.
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